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In 2006, CAPCOG used homeland security grant funds to implement a Regional
Notification System (RNS). This system uses a "reverse dialing" telephone method to notify
members of the public of critical emergency information in situations where property or human
life is in danger and of events that affect them.

Originally, the system would contact only those persons with regular, land-line telephone
service. With the rise in the popularity of cellular telephones, an increasing number of persons
no longer maintain traditional telephone service. Instead, they rely exclusively on their cellular
telephones as their residence telephone. In response, CAPCOG has added the ability to notify you
on your cell phone if there is an emergency near your home, business or other location.

In addition, CAPCOG has upgraded the RNS to provide enhanced notification capabilities to both
cellular and land-line telephones. The system can send automated messages for certain types of
weather events, such as severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flash floods. You can register your
cell phone—and your land-line telephone—to receive these warnings by checking the appropriate
box on the registration form.

Persons may link their cellular telephone number to one or more locations within the 10-county
CAPCOG region, including their homes, businesses and the homes of relatives. You must create
a separate record for each address, but you can use the same cell phone numbers for each record.

If a participating local government activates the system for an area that contains a location that has
been registered to a particular cellular telephone number, the system will attempt to send the emergency
message to that cellular telephone. PLEASE NOTE: This notification system only works within the
Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Llano, Travis and Williamson counties.

Regional notification messages are initiated by local public safety agencies as one of several methods
of relaying vital information to their citizens.

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Information. Please note that registering on the telephone limits the number of ways that you can be notified.

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