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In addition to the warning messages sent by participating local public safety agencies for many types
of incidents, the system can send automatic notifications of certain weather related emergencies.
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Terms and Conditions: By registering your telephone number on this system you are requesting that the participating local governments include you in any notification of an emergency that may affect the location you specify. You agree to hold harmless CAPCOG, the participating local governments, their employees, agents and successors, for any injury, death and/or property damage that you, or any person on the premises of your residence or business establishment, may suffer due to a failure of the RNS to provide notification to the registered cellular telephone numbers.

The CAPCOG Regional Notification System is operated as a public service by the Capital Area Council of Governments and participating local governments. The local governments may use this system as one method of notifying the public in specific areas of events—actual or anticipated—that may result in harm to persons or damage to property. Use of this system does not guarantee that every person in the area will receive notification, nor does it guarantee that the persons notified will not be harmed.
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