About the Polk County Emergency Notification System

The safety and well being of Polk County residents is vitally important to the Polk County Board of County Commissioners and the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Together, we have partnered to provide a notification system to the people of Polk County to augment existing warning systems and reliance on the media for emergency information.

Many citizens who have "land line" hard-wired home telephones are already included in the calling database. To ensure that a person is on the list, especially those who have cellular telephones or business phones on which they would like to receive notifications, citizens may register to receive notifications via their home, business or cell phone with a voice recording, or by email. What kinds of things will I be potentially notified about? There are several kinds of notices that are provided that may include: emergency weather conditions, boil water notices, missing persons, fugitive warnings, crime information and other public health and safety notices.  

How it works:
During situations which may affect the health, safety and welfare of Polk County citizens, designated officials will send out messages to telephone numbers and email addresses within a geographic area. When the message is sent, the system will notify you, giving specific instructions on the current announcement.

Messages can be received by:

  • Home or business land line phone with a voice recording or by TTY
  • Cell phone with a voice recording (text messages are not provided)
  • Email message

Please click below to register your contact information into the Polk County Emergency Notification System, or call (866) 484-3264. Callers will be prompted for their contact information.

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